Black Star Tax Referral program

Tell a friend about us, or just bring them along!

Come onn…
We’ll give you $50…Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 13.3

Yes! When you refer someone to us, we will cough up $50!

Note* Upon acceptance of their return by IRS, or payment of their filing fee

That’s right, $50 big ones!
The best part..There is no limit to how many people you can bring!
You can bring…
Your mom, dad, brother(s), sister(s), your highschool sweetheart, your neighbor, your “ol’ lady”
… Whomever you want, but of course they have to file with us..

So.. just to make sure we’re solid on this deal, lets recap: Black Star Tax, agrees to pay anyone who brings a friend and/or family member along to file their taxes with us $50.
Anyone at all…
Shoot… you could even make this your FULL-TIME JOB!


This could be you but you playin’..

How, you ask?!

Let’s break it down:

Say you want to make..50k this year. 

 We can break that into months: 

That’s roughly 4,170 a month for 12 months to make $50,000 in one year.

How many people would you have to refer to us in one month to make $4,170?


That’s right, just 83 people!

Now let me ask you this… How many friends do you have on your Facebook right now?…

( Go look, i’ll wait).

How about Instagram? ( waiting..)

Twitter..? (…..waiting..)

You probably have more than 1,000… maybe 2,000 on all these platforms combined

(wow.. Someone’s popular)

Even if you had just 800 followers on each of your social media accounts, that’s more than enough people to make over $50,000 this year just by sending them to THE BEST TAX PREPARATION FIRM IN THE COUNTRY!

(Thank you, Thank you you’re far too kind *bows* ).

No honestly guys, We know our stuff!

Every tax pro at BST went through a REALLLLLLY extensive tax school to get here.

PLUS, we have partnered with a network of over 500 tax professionals, CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, Financial Advisors and many more who provide us with knowledge and support in any subject we can’t handle. Our network ensures we can and will provide the best experience possible for our clients.

The point is.. We’ve got your back!
We’re here to fight the good fight, right alongside you!


This is Us

So let’s recap all of the pros of telling a buddy about us:


  1. You will be helping us in our mission to serve our community by providing reasonably priced, expert services.
  2. You would be ensuring your friends and family members aren’t leaving a single dime in the hands of the IRS.
  3. You will be saving your loved ones from shady tax professionals who aren’t properly licensed.
  4. You’ll be making a world of a difference by supporting a minority-owned small business.

Referral fee payments can be sent through cash app, Zelle, PayPal or cash pickup.
*Please note: fee payments are issued based on IRS approved tax returns. Upon receipt of approval and payment, BST will payout applicable fees.

We sincerely thank you for helping us grow!


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