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Our Mission & Goal

We ultimately aim to teach, serve, and empower our communities.

Who We Are

A dedicated team of tax professionals dedicated to promoting financial literacy. Our mission to serve and empower the community.

How We Help

Taxes are unavoidable, complicated and often viewed as an undesirable task. Often, taxpayers choose to utilize free filing software with the common misconception that they are operating in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible. However, filing taxes without consulting a registered tax professional can lead to costly mistakes or legal implications.

Black Star Tax is dedicated to helping taxpayers avoid making mistakes.

Meet The Team

Kobe Brobbey


Stephaine M Carter


Vladimir Kuzmanovic

Head Tax Advisor

Our Work

At Black Star Tax, we pride ourselves on being extremely thorough in gathering pertinent details. Our registered tax professionals find solutions to both simple and complex tax issues by diving into your financial history. We use a highly research based method to uncover any possibly breaks, write-offs, deductions and credits.

We ONLY use exact, trackable and legal methods to maximize your return or decrease your liability. Our mobile tax preparation service is available in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities. We offer virtual services nationwide.

Our mission at Black Star Tax is to make tax time a more enjoyable, profitable and pain-free experience while providing financial education to uplift and empower our community.

Did You Know?

The IRS has partnered with companies like TurboTax in order to propagate the use of free/DIY filing software?


Because the less informed and knowledgeable the filer, the more money the IRS keeps. Although DIY filing seems convenient and cheap, the software does not notify you when you’ve missed a significant tax deduction or credit. Filing with a certified professional, instead of filing software, can yield a difference of hundreds, if not thousands, in quoted liabilities or return. By providing free tax advice, financial tips and an unrivalled quality of service Black Star Tax is sure to positively influence our community. So as leaders who heal, uplift and empower our community- we invite you to be a part of our vision!

Our Pledge To The Community

Part of our mission to teach, serve, and empower our community is to give back in various ways. In addition to offering free financial advice, free consultation, and discounts to various members of the community, Black Star Tax will be partnering with local churches and charities. We will be donating part of our profits to our community’s churches and charity organizations. This goal will be achieved in two ways:


Black Star Tax will donate a percentage of all proceeds earned each year to a charitable organization of our choice within our community.

Black Star Tax will be partnering with churches, homeless shelters, minority groups, and various other community organizations to donate resources and a percentage of our profit.

We are humbled, honored, and excited to provide valuable service to our local community as it continues to give to us. Please reach out to us if you know of any churches, philanthropic groups, or charity groups that may be interested in working with us.

We welcome all!