Find out how we help our clients claim $1500-$5000 on average, in additional tax credits and deductions

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Did you know, there’s 1.4 BILLION in unclaimed taxpayer funds currently held by the IRS?

Millions of hard-working Americans, just like you, are losing out on a lot of money in their income tax returns.

Many lower-income earners may not even realize they’re eligible for special tax credits or a refund. 

The tax code is complicated. Mistakes can happen when you file your own taxes. Here are a few you want to avoid:

  • Entering the wrong dollar amounts

  • Putting information on the wrong line

  • Or making a simple computational error

Making a mistake can cost you money. Making sure you don’t make one. Mistakes costs time.

Our tax professionals can help find deductions and credits you can qualify for. We can also give advice on certain tax issues, depending on your situation.

On average we help our clients claim $1500- $5000 in additional tax credits and deductions.

Get as much money back as possible.

You won’t need to spend hours trying to figure out your taxes for yourself.

Having professionals prepare your tax returns adds a little safeguard to potential liability.

Save yourself the time and headache from trying to do your taxes yourself.

We only use exact, trackable and legal methods to maximize your returns and decrease your liabilities.

Here Is What Our Clients Say About Us

“When I contacted Black Star Tax I was treated with respect & professionalism. My schedule is hectic and I don’t have time during the day. They made the process stress free. I was able to submit my documents through their secure online platform and they got things done. I will definitely be a repeat client


“Black Star Tax is definitely someplace I would highly recommend to my family and friends! They were professional, knowledgeable and most of all FOLLOWED UP when they said they would…that never happens! I didn’t just get taxes done, but I also got some valuable information on ways I could improve my financial situation in the future all while giving back to the community. Great experience


“Black Star Tax helped me so much with some tax questions I had. I was so nervous but the owner Kobe knew what he was talking about. Not only did he amend my return to claim some tax credits and deductions that I missed trying to do my own taxes, but he was so patient explaining the process with me.


We’re trying to help as many hard-working Americans get back as much of their hard-earned money as possible.

That’s why we’re offering a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation to anyone that makes an appointment through this page.

P.S.  We can only serve a certain number of people and spots are going fast. Don’t hesitate and make an appointment below to speak with one of our professionals.

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